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About AmyNYPilates

At AmyNYPilates, we focus on the teachings and philosophies of Joseph Pilates.  We stay true to the original and proven methods follow Joe's systematic Classical Pilates.

What does this mean for you?  The original methods of Joseph Pilates have become less popular with the ever increasing popularity of contemporary Pilates.  However, we offer a tried and true method that has been proven for decades.  That means a system that works regardless of your body style, age, or gender. 


We here at AmyNYPilates believe that Pilates is for everyone.  Meaning that we adapt our teaching and personalize our classes to meet your needs. Whether that be to get in shape, strengthen the body, improve your posture, or just to get that body you've always wanted. we are here to help you improve to look and feel your best.


Amy was originally a dancer, passionate about Jazz dance but found Pilates after an injury during a rehearsal.  She began learning Pilates movements, and the transition ended up being a notable turning point in her career.

Her first certificate was in Contemporary Pilates which was obtained after 400 hours of hands on training.

However, after her first year of teaching, she realized she wanted to  understand Classical Pilates in greater depth.  She then went through a Classical Pilates certification which required 600 hours of hands on training.

She applies both the Classical and Contemporary methods, depending on clients' personalities, health conditions, and understanding of their bodies in addition to Pilates.

After years of teaching and dealing with all kinds of bodies,

she believes Pilates is easy to learn in yet nearly impossible to master. As a result, she is still learning every day as she performs training on her own body​, and through her various work with clients, and also through taking workshops with top level Pilates professionals.

She believes that if you are constantly learning, you will never be behind. Amy currently teaches in her Manhattan studio and also teaches in a Virtual studio and is offering Instructor Training Courses both online and offline.

The most fulfilling moments in her career are when her clients experience progress, therefore emphasizing the famous Joseph Pilates philosophy of 'Movement Heals'.

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About Amy

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