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Courses 교육코스: Courses & Programs
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Pilates Instructor Training Program 

📀What is special about AmyNYPilates
Classical Pilates instructor training program?
Instructor and owner Amy has completed two certificates in both Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates in New York. She also has been continuing her education through workshops and classes from famous teachers and elders in the Pilates world.
1.One on One(1:1) training
AmyNYPilates offers 1:1. individual  Classic Pilates education. You can get immediate feedback on any questions you have during  your training sessions. 


2. Training hours considering your schedule
Our 1:1 training offers you the flexibility and freedom of scheduling your own times to train rather than following a group training schedule. (Studio Schedule also Considered)


3. Teach with confidence
You don't have to memorize to learn to teach. We always teach through movements first. Through learning the exercises on your own body first, you can develop a deeper understanding of the exercises.  In turn, you can describe the exercises better in your own words to your future clients. 


4. Bilingual Education
AmyNYPilates offers training in either Korean or English.


5. Offers real class teaching opportunities during training program
AmyNYPilates offers the opportunity to teach classes with real clients. This opportunity will provide you with real-life experience that is often not developed through learning exercises alone.

📀Online Program
Anyone looking for an online training program, renting an hourly equipped Pilates studio or have a place with apparatus, please contact us, consultation will follow

📀Is it an international certification?
All Pilates certificates are private and certified through private studios or schools or mentors.
NPCP(National Pilates Certification Program, the name changed from PMA certified) is the U.S. based organization where the majority of Pilates instructors receive a certification. 
You can apply for an exam after you have obtained a certificate through a private studio or school or mentor.
If you want to get certified through NPCP after our certificate, we will absolutely guide you through the process.


📀Shall we start a Instructor training program?

Email, call or text for details.

Email consultations:

Call or text for consultation: 917 530 4279

Training Program
a payment plan

Training program
Full payment 

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Classical Pilates 
Bridge Program 


📀Our Bridge Training Program is

a program designed to bridge the gap between Modern and Classical Pilates

📀Who is the Bridge Program For??
They’re both Pilates but what's the difference?"
Are you a contemporary instructor wondering what the differences between Contemporary and Classical Pilates are?  Then Bridge training program is designed for you.  We are here to answer any questions you may have on the differences and benefits between the two.

📀Why do you need to take this opportunity in AmyNYPilates?
Instructor Amy also began teaching Pilates through a contemporary certificate
. However, she had a burning desire to further her education and soon received an additional certificate in Classical Pilates. Through her experience in, Amy offers a unique insight into the differences between the two methods.  Our goal is to allow you to understand the pros and cons of both methods to further your Pilates education.


📀What are the advantages of the bridge program?
1.We are offering an opportunity to those who have already completed a Contemporary program to learn Classical Pilates.  Normally, doing so would require the time and money for an entirely new certificate. By signing up for our Bridge Program, you can save both time and money. 
2. We offer lessons in both Korean and English
3. The training is a dedicated 1:1 session.  That means the flexibility of choosing your own schedule and receiving immediate feedback to any questions you may have.
4. After completing the program, we allow opportunities to teach classes at AmyNYPilates

📀What is the Process ?
First, show us your Contemporary (modern) certificate
Second,be prepared for an audition and consultation
Third, Begin the program


📀Payment will be available after the audition.
Online program is also available,
contact us if you have a studio or venue with classical apparatus.


📀Email, call or text for details.


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