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Pilates Instructor Training Program
Full Payment

Full Payment upfront is required for the full certificate program.

(Pay less than the Payment plan)
The length of the program varies due to the 1:1 nature.
The full training includes a total of 48 hours

(Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)
(Mat, Reformer, Cadillac,
High(Electric) Chair, Wunda Chair, (Baby)Arm Chair,
Small Barrels, Ladder(High) Barrel, Ped O Pull(Pedi Pole),
Super advance level is excluded.)

We provide the flexibility for you to learn the movements and to practice in the studio on your own time. The first step ends when you are able to understand and perform the exercises by yourself.


Based on Pilates movements you understood, you will be taught to how to teach. Our training includes 1:1 training, observing existing classes, self-practicing, and practical teaching.

All of which are necessary to become qualified.

Each level will include require the following to receive certification:
1) A practical exam where you will go through the exercises performing with your body.
2) A teaching exam where you will teach.
3) A written exam to ensure you have the necessary knowledge
4) Lastly, you will have a final interview. 

Once each step is completed you will be fully certified by AmyNYPilates.

If you want to learn Super Advance movements,

please let us know. We have a higher level program for apprentices who wish to receive a deeper understanding of Pilates.

If you think you need more training after the included 48 hours, you are always welcome to purchase a Private Class with Amy.
.(There are no set hours for 1:1 training(except total hours), observation, self practice and practice teaching. It will vary by individual.)

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Best Value

Full Instructor Training



Valid for 2 years

Pilates Instructor Training Program for full certification

1:1 training of 48 hours

Observation, Self-Practice. Practice Teaching hours vary

Ask a question

If you have questions about our payment plan. please contact us. 

Thanks for submitting!
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