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109 W 38th St, Suite 303,

New York, NY 10018


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As I mentioned before, this is not just participating in classes or a hobby for me. It lights up my whole life through feeling energetic and just feeling good about myself. I encourage anyone reading this to hurry up and sign up for Amy’s classes to feel the same energy that I felt throughout all of these years.

Heasun Shin

I’ve worked with different fitness instructors before Amy and none of them had her patience. Amy loves what she does and genuinely cares for her clients. She is tough and will challenge you to continually improve your physical health . I am excited about the progress I have made with her and you will be too.

Liz F.

As a result, my pain was much better and I no longer have issues with Scoliosis. Amy is an instructor that I can trust and have no doubt that she will provide me with proper instruction if I have any issues with my body. Try her class and get your posture issues corrected.

Dana Lim

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