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About Our New York Pilates Classes

If you are looking to participate in New York Pilates, be sure to book a class with Amy NY Pilates today. We strongly believe that movement can heal the body and we focus on the teachings and philosophies of Joseph Pilates. While the world of Pilates is changing fast, following the newest trends isn’t always the best way. In fact, not everyone wants to follow the traditional methods, however, at our New York Pilates studio, we continue to follow Joseph’s system of Classical Pilates. That doesn’t mean that we just ignore the trends, but we’re here to offer teachings to those who want to experience both traditional and contemporary Pilates, depending on your preference.

Pilates Classes: Options

When you sign up for classes, consider either a private or a duet class. In the private class, you’ll get one-on-one instructions to help meet your individual needs. This is a great way for beginners to learn Pilates, as you adapt each class to suit your unique body condition and your needs. You’ll get special attention from our instructor for 50 full minutes in our New York Pilates studio. The duet class is a great choice if you have a partner. In this class, you can enjoy a fun, affordable session with your partner and an instructor upon request. Each class is 50 minutes long and also takes place in our studio. Both the private and duet classes are individually tailored to meet your needs and your personal goals.

In addition to these classes, you can also sign up for a virtual class, so you never have to leave your home. These classes include professional instruction and make it easy to practice Pilates in your own space. There are also membership options available, so you can sign up for repeating classes for as little or as long as you choose. Visit our website to learn more about our amazing New York Pilates classes today!

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