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Pilates Instructor CertificateTraining Program

Only One 1:1 in New York!



Experience Classical Pilates.


Get flexible Scheduling, Individualized Teaching, and an experience not offered anywhere else in NYC


 Join us and discover the art of Classical Pilates. 


Starting at $2,800



Instructor and owner Amy has completed two certificates in both Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates in New York and has nearly 10 years of teaching experience.

After completing the two programs she continued her training under industry experts. To this day she makes a constant effort to further perfect her teaching skills.

Amy places on emphasis on getting her clients' results.  She pride's herself on the effectiveness of her teaching method and has helped hundreds of clients improve their body



Join Our Instructor Training Program

Embark on a rewarding journey to become a certified Classical Pilates instructor. Our comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and skills to get  results for your clients. Experience the joy of helping others achieve their goals through the Original teachings of Joseph Pilates.

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Flexible Schedule

The Only 1:1 Instructor Training in NYC! That means you get the flexibility and freedom of scheduling your own times to train rather than following a group training schedule.  (Training Also Offered in Korean)

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Go at your own pace

1 on 1 training offers you the ability to train at your own pace. No matter the pace, we have you covered. We offer flexibility that no other certificate programs offer.



Teaching through movement

We let you try the exercises so you can really get a complete understanding through repetition. We will not be teaching you through a book like other programs. You will be carefully guided through all exercises.

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Real teaching with real clients

Our program offers the unique opportunity to teach classes with real clients with our supervision. This opportunity will provide you with real-life experience that you will not get anywhere else.



Ready to Transform Your Life?

Experience the Opportunity to come teach at AmyNYPilates!


Uncover the essence of Pilates with our program's personalized approach, flexible scheduling, and emphasis on real life Experience

  • How Much Does the Program Cost?
    The program has three levels, beginner, advanced, intermediate. The basic program begins at $2800. Each level is an additional $2800. You may begin teaching after the beginner training but will be limited in the clients that you are able to teach.
  • How Long Before I Can Receive my First Certificate?
    Because we allow you to come at your own pace, it really depends. We expected about 100 hours of self practice and 20 hours in person teaching. If you are consistent, you can expect to complete training in just 2 months.
  • Do You Offer Payment Plans?
    Yes! You can choose to pay in 2 separate payments of $1400
  • How Are You Different From Other Programs?
    Most other studios teach certificate programs in a group setting. That means following a group schedule and the pace of a group. We are the only studio to offer individualized teaching, specially made for you. That means the flexibility to train at your own hours, and going at your own pace. You will receive our undivided attention as we guide you through our program. And most people see faster and more complete results because of it.
  • What is Classical Pilates?
    Classical Pilates seeks to use the original teaching method of founder Joseph Pilates. We try to stay true to the original exercises and teaching ideals. Pilates has become incredibly commercialized, and as a result, ineffective and inconsisent. We stay true to the original method not because we are stubborn, but because we believe it is still the best and only way to experience Pilates and to improve your body.
  • What Are Your Qualifications?
    Founder and Owner, Amy, has been teaching for over 10 years and has several certificates. She began her journey like many others as a contemporary teacher. But through her desire to improve her teaching skills, she took many workshops and additional training from industry experts. She has since trained hundreds of clients, while delivering each client with results. Amy has a strong passions for Pilates as a way to improve the everyday lives of her clients.


Interested in becoming an instructor?

Get in touch with the form below to learn more and get started. Take the first step on path to becoming a Pilates educator.

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