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Pilates Studio

What to Look For in a Great Pilates Studio

If you’re looking for an awesome Pilates workout, finding an awesome studio is key. Before you enroll in classes at a Pilates studio, there are some key things that you should keep in mind. Read on for a quick list of things that everyone should look for when choosing a Pilates studio, so you can get the absolute most out of every single workout.

●     A knowledgeable, skilled, and well-trained instructor is the foundation of any good Pilates workout. Make sure the instructor at your Pilates studio has multiple hours of training, practice, and experience with student teaching. They should also have the proper recognition from the Pilates Method Alliance. Feel free to ask about credentials and experience before you sign up for classes so you’re confident in your choice.

●     Be sure to familiarize yourself with the instructor’s teaching style. Try an introductory class before you commit so you can determine if their style is a good fit for you. Some instructors enjoy hands-on teaching, while others might be loud and energetic. Other instructors may prefer to teach in a soft-spoken, gentle manner. The key is to be absolutely sure that the instructor at your studio uses a method you enjoy.

●     You might not always be able to attend a previously scheduled Pilates workout. Make sure that your studio offers flexible scheduling that fits your lifestyle. Whether you plan to take classes weekly, daily, or monthly, the ability to be flexible is key so that you are able to stay on track and enjoy your classes in a way that works for your unique schedule and life.

●     Finally, it’s important to determine what style of Pilates you like best. Whether you’re into contemporary and trendy methods or prefer Classical Pilates, it’s always a good idea to determine which style the studio offers its students before you enroll.

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