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Classical Pilates Instructor Training Program
Only One 1:1 in New York!

Flexible schedule

Because our training is 1 on 1, that means you get the flexibility and freedom of scheduling your own times to train rather than following a group training schedule.

Teaching through Movement

We let you try the exercises so you can really get a complete understanding through repetition. We will not be teaching you through a book like other programs. You will be carefully guided through all exercises.

Go At your Own Pace

1 on 1 training offers you the ability to train at your own pace. Whether you may need more time than others or if you think group programs are too slow we have you covered. We offer flexibility that no other certificate programs offer.

Real Teaching with Real Clients

Our program offers the unique opportunity to teach classes with real clients with our supervision. This opportunity will provide you with real-life experience that you will not get anywhere else.


Opportunity To Teach at AmyNYPilates

Once you complete your training, you will have the opportunity to come teach at AmyNYPilates!

Online Program

We offer an online training program to those not local to New York City. Participating in the online program will require you to rent a local studio. Please contact us for more information or for any questions.

Who is Amy?

Instructor and owner Amy has completed two certificates in both Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates in New York. After completing the two programs she continued her training under top and famous instructors in the industry. To this day she makes a constant effort to further perfect her teaching skills. Amy's passion for Pilates remains as strong as when she first began. However, her passion now lies with sharing the skills and experience she has developed throughout her years of teaching. She is eager to help anyone hoping to teach Pilates.


Certified and Experienced Studio

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