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Pilates 1:3 Trio Class


Why Personalized Sessions Outshine Crowded Classes at AmyNYPilates

Are you tired of crowded group classes where you don’t get enough attention? Have you spent hours and thousands of dollars without any meaningful improvements? At AmyNYPilates, we believe that most group classes are not an effective way to experience Pilates for one simple reason: too many people.

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Offering a class with a maximum of 3 people. That way you can still get the attention you deserve without paying for it.

Affordable Excellence

At AmyNYPilates, we understand that not everyone can afford 1 on 1 classes every week. We wanted to offer an affordable solution that was still effective for people eager to experience Pilates.

Who is Amy?

Instructor and owner Amy has completed two certificates in both Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates in New York. After completing the two programs she continued her training under top and famous instructors in the industry. To this day she makes a constant effort to further perfect her teaching skills. Amy's passion for Pilates remains as strong as when she first began. However, her passion now lies with sharing the skills and experience she has developed throughout her years of teaching. She is eager to help anyone hoping to teach Pilates.

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