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AmyNYPilates - Pilates Q&A - 3. Why did I choose Classical Pilates?

Updated: May 9


Pilates Q & A

3. Why did I choose Classical Pilates?

I started teaching Pilates as a Contemporary (Modern) Pilates Instructor. With a background in dance, creating sequences with different Pilates movements felt akin to choreographing dance routines.

One day, as I delved into learning new trendy movements, I realized they weren't devised by Joseph Pilates himself; someone else had created them. It dawned on me that when Joseph Pilates crafted movements, he did so with intention.

Thus, I decided to undergo Classical Pilates training to adhere to Joseph's methods rather than creating my own sequences. Once immersed in Classical Pilates, everything fell into place, forming a cohesive picture. I could follow Joseph Pilates's systematic orders and learn all the Classical movements he created, which are interconnected and mutually supportive, facilitating better body control. This approach reduces the risk of injury compared to Contemporary (Modern) movements, as practitioners repeat the same movements until improvement is achieved.

Pilates is a lifetime practice; mastery cannot be attained in a month or a year. As an instructor, I continue to practice as a practitioner, knowing that my movements will evolve throughout my life.


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