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AmyNYPilates - Pilates Q & A - 1.Classical vs Contemporary(Modern)

Updated: May 9


Pilates Q & A

1.Classical Pilates


Contemporary (Modern) Pilates

Many clients visit us without knowing there are differences between Classical Pilates and Contemporary(Modern) Pilates. Or some clients do not have any idea of the existence of different types of Pilates. 

Then, what is it exactly?

There are lots of differences to talk about but easy explanation would be this. Joseph Pilates created movements in systematic order. Classical Pilates follows his order in the Reformer and the Mat work out, however, Contemporary(Modern) Pilates does not following his order. 

If you went to the studio and the instructor teaches you different movements every time when you go, it is a Contemporary(Modern) Pilates studio. 

If you were given the same movements on the Mat and the Reformer and had to learn and practice those movements and added one or two movements depending on your progression, it is a Classical Pilates studio. 


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