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Trio (3:1) Class Pre-Sale

Trio 3:1 Class is coming soon.

If you have your friends to take 3:1 class together,

you are welcome to set the class with them.

 If you don't have friends who wish to do Pilates with you,

we will put you on the waitlist

so that we can have 2 other clients with you for the fixed schedule every week.

Please contact us to purchase 10 classes package with a pre-sale offer 10% off.

We are expecting to have Apparatus delivery mid of February.

We will let you know when we start the class.

The expiration date of the 10 package is 5 months from the first class.

If you buy it today with a pre-sale offer,

we will extend the expiration date depending on your first class setup. 🙏👍


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